“Sweeten Your Laundry” with The Laundry Tarts


So you all know how much I love soap nuts but lately I have been missing the different scented laundry soap. I know that things don’t need to be scented to be clean, and with the amount of scent allergies out there, I like to avoid them as much as possible.  But it makes laundry a tad bit enjoyable when it comes out smelling delicious.

So I was shopping on my go-to website for buying things natural and organic and clean (I put in an order every month)….and I found a new laundry soap company that was too cute to ingnore….

The Laundry Tarts –  “Dessert inspired, eco-friendly, products to sweeten your Laundry.” They have so many fun scents like Pina Colada, apple pie, black forest cake, bubble gum, rootbeer float, key lime pie….Yum!

And it gets better. They are Vegan, cloth diaper safe, phosphate free, phthalate free, SLS free, Chlorine free, Paraben free, EDTA free, Biodegradable, Residue Free, and compatible with all washer types. Oh and the best part? They are Canadian 🙂

So what is my review? I love it. I ordered the laundry soap and the wool dryer ball in Pina Colada, it reminds me of Mexico! The scent is great but when your clothes come out, there is just a subtle smell so it’s not like you come out smelling like you just took a bath in a pina colada (although it would be a great way to cool off with this heat).  I have actually have been able to catch up on my laundry because I am so excited to use my new laundry soap….I know I’m a geek.

Anyways, I look forward to trying the other scents. I haven’t seen this for sale in PG but you can find it here http://well.ca/searchresult.html?keyword=the+laundry+tarts. And I have a coupon for you. You can use it for anything in the store if you are a first time customer. The coupon is laundry10 – if you spend $40 you will get $10 off. And it is always free shipping over $25 and it usually is delivered in less than a week.  And Well is a canadian company too!

What other things do I buy at well? Body Wash, baby snacks, other cleaning products, tea, sunscreen, home decor, and many other items. You can actually search just “green” products or canadian products, vegan products within a category, And their prices are quite comparable to other stores and they have lots of sales on.

Let me know if you decide to try it. What scent did you order? Did you order something else? I hope you enjoy shopping at Well 🙂


The Safest of the Safe….A Guide to Buying Car Seats


So we all want what is best for our children. We try to buy the safest products for them. So originally, when I was shopping for J’s infant car seat, I looked into reviews by parents, consumer reviews etc. But what I didn’t research was toxicity levels. Did you know that many of the market’s seats contain harmful chemicals like Bromine, Lead, Chlorine, Chromium, Arsenic, PVC (which is in plastics and contains phthalates) and others? Read the rest of this entry

Just One of Those Days


Does anyone have one of those days, where life is just blah?  You know, you are tired, the weather is mediocre, your kid is clingy and waking up at 6 am on  a Saturday  husband is sick….just overall not a very “Yellow” day. Well, that has been my week…and it’s been getting me down.

So now, as I sit and write this post, I wonder what am I going to do about it…And then I realize, that it is totally a battle of my mind. Yes, things aren’t 100% wonderful, but all that stuff really isn’t that bad and (as my Grandpa would tell me) I am choosing how to feel. I am choosing to feel blah about my day so here I go, I am changing my perspective and “thinking less & thanking more” and taking those negative thoughts captive!

1. I am thankful that my boy slept well last night (even if he was up early), and to cherish the clingy moments because one day he will be a teenager and it won’t be “cool” to hug his mom anymore

2. I am praising God that the snow has melted and Spring is finally here in PG

3. Even though my husband seems to get a zillion colds a year, at least God protects me and baby from getting them too.

4. Remembering that I have a wonderful life, blessed with amazing family and friends:)

5. Being secure in knowing, that I am a child of God!

So there you have it. I hope you all have a very “yellow” weekend!

Phil 4:8 “Finally, brothers/sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable – if anything is excellent or praiseworthy – think about such things.”

8 Months Later…




So, I have been talking about reupholstering this terrible brown chair for the nursery since….well since before my son was born…and he is now more than 8 months old. Time has gone so fast 😦

But I am happy to say, I have finally done it!! And I am so happy with the results 🙂 It was easier than I thought. I just made a slip cover out of this beautiful fabric that I purchased on ebay….I used buttons to close the top so that way I can take it off and wash it. And then, I painted the frame….I lightly sanded it, did 2 coats of paint (with primer) and then a coat of polycrylic finish. Oh and I added some more padding to the seat, so it would be cushier. Easy peasy!

IMG_9155 IMG_9156


And so begins the process of redoing my house, which I will be posting the transformation here. Some of it will be DIY….which could be scary. I’ll let you know how it goes! Does anyone have any great, DIY resources for home decor?I am loving pintrest!

A Nutty Update!


So apparently, I am still nuts…for soap nuts! And more and more people are too. Friends of mine have recently started distributing soap nuts here in Prince George, and they give good advice and tips on the use of their product. You can find then on facebook “PG Soap Nuts.”

Anyways, here are my thoughts and discoveries on soap nuts.

  1. I have learned to make liquid soap, which is great for cold washes of laundry and household cleaning. To do: boil 6 cups of water with 8-10 soap nuts for 30 minutes. Strain into bottles. I freeze smaller jars/bottles since it goes rancid if left at room temperature for to long (
  2. For towels and such, I put a few drops of grapefruit seed extract in the wash with the soap nut as an anti-bacterial/anti-fungal. I started this when my lil babe got thrush and have kept going ever since. I have also used tea trea oil but I don’t love the smell. And it helps extend the life of your soap nut liquid.
  3. It was a tiny bit inconvenient to start using soap nuts, just because they weren’t super popular. But now with the amount of information on the internet about them, I don’t think I’ll ever go back to regular laundry soap.

Anyways, check out my friends facebook page in Prince George. They have trial bags if you are new to soap nuts and want to give them a shot.  They are experts at soap nuts and can answer your questions.

Nuts for Soap Nuts!!


This is a post from my old blog. I still love soap nuts and have since learned to make liquid soap too. I will do a follow up post on it as well.

Soap nuts are a natural, low sudsing detergent. There are no added fillers, dyes or chemicals, yet will thoroughly wash all your articles of clothing.

I love soap nuts, I guess you can say I am nuts for soap nuts… ok I guess you can say that I am also pretty lame but regardless, I love doing laundry with soap nuts.  Read the rest of this entry

Bring on the happy! (and the pounds)


My last few months have been less than great, so Dana, I am taking your advice and writing about it on the blog. With my husband being out of town, working long stressful shifts at the hospital, being on a health dietary cleanse that has caused me to lose weight when I need to gain weight and then not being able go to the gym (which usually makes me feel better)…I have been feeling quite low.  I am sure, not going to church or bible study isn’t helping either.

But after a wonderful chat with my friends and with my husband about it, I have decided to make the most of a less than wonderful situation and try to focus on being happy and staying busy and doing what I love.
Now that I have some of my normal food groups back in, I have been able to start baking again! Here comes all that weight back, WooHoo!! In the last 3 days I have cranked up the Christmas music and made: orange cranberry chex mix, whipped shortbread cookies (it made me think of you Dana), cherry almond biscotti (Kimberly’s recipe) and fudge puddles ( thank you Kara!!). Baking things that made me think of all my wonderful girlfriends definately improved my mood.
I have also tried to stop negative thoughts from forming…. easier said than done. I find that if I don’t verbalize or acknowledge them, this makes it a bit more managable. I know that God wants me to be a happy person and I am really trying to focus on the good and fun things in my life:)

What do you do to improve your mood?